Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Towler & Staines can provide the heat for large areas.

The weather forecast is predicting much colder weather in the coming weeks and if you work or pursue your hobby in larger spaces such as garages, workshops, large shops and work stations in large factories then Towler & Staines the Calor Gas Principal Dealer in Bradford and Keighley can offer solutions. We stock a large range of propane powered blown air heaters. If you estimate the cube of the area you wish to heat our staff can recommend the right appliance for you by charting the kW of heat required to bring the temperature up to the required level for working in comfort.

These blown air heaters which need electricity to power the fan but the heat comes from propane gas. Towler & Staines offer 4 models from Master. The BLP11 model gives a 10kW output which consumes 0.8kg of propane per hour. The Master BLP17 adjusts between 11 and 15kW output consuming 0.8 and 1.07kg of propane gas per hour. The Master BLP33 is adjustable between 18 and 33kW output and on the highest heat output consumes 2.4kg of propane gas per hour. The largest model is the Master 53 which adjusts between 33 and 52kW output and on the highest output consumes 3.78kg of propane gas per hour.

Also for large areas the Bullfinch 1400 Space Heater has an output varying from 17kW to 25kW, and it does not need an electric fan it is simply propane powered using a cyclone effect to distribute the heat.

All these heaters are available currently at Towler & Staines and will definitely fight the cold!
Consider your needs today and avoid getting caught on a cold and frosty morning.
Master BLP17 Propane Heater 

Sunday, 13 October 2019

Towler & Staines stock the gear every welder needs.

Towler & Staines the Calor Gas Principal Dealer in Bradford and Keighley are also agents for Air Products and Hobbyweld industrial gases. Indeed, they have been agents for Air Products for 40 years and have recently added Hobbyweld to their portfolio.

They also stock most of the items a welder or cutter needs. The list includes 7 different types of Industrial Gas Regulator, 4 types of Hose, 4 types of Gas Bottle Trolley, 12 types of Cutting nozzle and 12 types of Welding nozzle.

Their MIG wire is competitively priced Futuris brand with 0.8mm x 15kg, 1mm x 15kg, 0.8mm x 5kg and 1mm x 5kg mild steel reels in the range.

Other accessories include the Futuris FFX150 Auto Darkening Weld Helmet, Flip up Goggles, welding and clear Goggles, Gauntlets, Leather Gloves, Flint Lighter, and the 18/90 Cutting Torch.

If you are a welder please pay Towler & Staines a visit either in person or on line you will not be disappointed.

Industrial gas regulators

Welding nozzle

Cylinder Trolley

Sunday, 6 October 2019

Warmth from out of the blue.

Towler & Staines the Calor Gas Principal Dealer in Bradford and Keighley are pleased to announce the arrival in stock of an exciting new cabinet heater. It is the Lifestyle Azure blue flame heater.
The Azure has sleek looks and a stylish blue flame effect, giving a contemporary feel to any living space.

Three easy to use heat settings along with a piezo igniter give you total control at all times. Whether you need a gentle top up heat or need to warm your room up quickly, the Azure is up to the task.

The Azure has a full length tempered glass front, offers three heat settings up to a maximum of 3.8kW. It has an oxygen depletion system and flame failure device for maximum safety and reinforced castor wheels for easy mobility about the house.

The Azur heater is powered by 7,12 or 15kg Calor cylinders.

Get the heat from the Azur blue today, winter is on the way!

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Calor BioLPG for fork lift trucks is now available from Towler & Staines.

Towler & Staines the Calor Gas Principal Dealer in Bradford and Keighley is delighted to announce that they now stock Calor BioLPG for Fork Lift Trucks.

Calor BioLPG is molecularly identical to Propane LPG but it is cleaner and greener: it can reduce your CO2 emissions by up to 32%. It is produced from sustainable sources such as food waste. Fork lift truck operators can switch from LPG to Bio tomorrow with no investment or equipment changes needed. It is as clean and reliable as LPG and you can be confident of supply continuity because of Calor's network coverage and support. Also, the new Calor BioLPG doesn't cost a penny extra!

The benefits of LPG are:
  • 98% less emissions of harmful particulates with low carbon monoxide and NOx counts. Emissions are lead and soot free.
  • Because it is cleaner it can be used in sensitive environments.
  • It is much quieter in operation.
  • LPG spillages vaporise avoiding clean up costs or reputational damage.
  • Unlike diesel installations which must comply with Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) Regulations LPG installations are easier, quicker and cleaner.   
Calor BioLPG Certificates are available for customers to see and prove that you are taking steps to reduce your environmental impact by using a sustainable fuel now and into the future.

If you are a Fork Lift Truck operator contact Towler & Staines about making your business greener.


Calor Automotive Bio LPG 18kg cylinder

Monday, 2 September 2019

Towler & Staines will be exhibiting at the Motorhome Season Finale at Lincolnshire Showground

Towler & Staines the Calor Gas Principal Dealer in Keighley and Bradford will be exhibiting their wares again at the Motorhome Show Season Finale at the Lincolnshire Showground (LN2 2NA) on 20th to 22nd September 2019. The show will have more than 200 exhibitors on site and Towler & Staines will be on stand number 154

On the Towler & Staines stand this year will be the Cadac Safari Chef 2 Pro which includes 4 interchangeable cooking surfaces and a carry bag, all weighing just 4kg. Other portable barbecue models from Cadac and an innovative range of new accessories will also be available.

Collapsible washing bowls, drainers, buckets, colanders, and saucepans from Kampa are also worth a look. These are ideal items for the motorhome owner where space is at a premium.

                                                                                                                                                                 Also featured will be the Sabre LINK 150 Awning and Tent Lighting System which is available as a Starter Kit or an Add On kit.Up to three lights can link together, with brightness adjustments and remote control. It has 150 super bright LED bulbs which never need replacing and is 1.2 metres in length with 5 metres of power cable on the starter kit. A mains adaptor is included in the Starter Kit. A Euro version is available and an optional 12V adaptor lead. Velcro tabs for on Kampa AIR awnings for easy fitting. Pole clips and S-Hooks are included for other awnings and tents.

The Towler & Staines showstand will continue to show outdoor furniture from Crusader and Quest. As usual there will be special offers on toilet fluidsgas cartridges, tableware, drinkware and a  huge range of LPG essentials and accessories for the motorhome owner.

Make sure you pay the stand a visit, you will not be disappointed.
Collapsible 1litre electric kettle

Collapsible saucepan


Saturday, 24 August 2019

Cadac innovations: new accessories available at Towler & Staines

Towler & Staines the Calor Gas Principal Dealer in Bradford and Keighley are also agents for Cadac barbecues, accessories and spares. Indeed they shared an exhibition stand with them at the recent VW Festival at Harewood and the Country File event at Castle Howard.

Cadac are great at product innovation in the field of outdoor cooking. They have recently added to their accessory range, see below:
  • The Cadac Pizza Lifter allows for effortless lifting of pizza, cakes, and bread from an oven or a barbecue in use with a Pizza Stone.
  • The Cadac 36cm Pizza Stone Pro with heat deflector ensures a perfect pizza. Ideal for use with electric ovens, charcoal kettles and gas barbecues such as te Carri Chef range and the Citi Chef.
  • The Cadac Burger Press enables you to create meat patties that are consistent in shape size and weight. It is 11cm diameter with a non-stick coating.
  • The Cadac Rectangular Grillmat (33 x 40cm) is ideal for all chromed and enamelled parts of the barbecue. Meat will not stick or burn owing to the non-stick coating. It prevents food falling between barbecue grids. It is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.
  • The Cadac Universal Tool Holder to hang tools at the side of the barbecue, it is particularly suitable for the Carri Chef, Grillo Chef and barbecues with a 37-47cm diameter.
  • There are Quick Release Couplings with 2 connections for clicking and unclicking gas hose to a barbecue with couplings for use on 2 devices; also new is the Rotating Right Angle Quick Release Coupling which is ideal for the Cadac 2 Cook Deluxe.
36cm Pizza Stone Pro

Burger Press

Pizza Lifter

Rectangular Grillmat

Universal Tool Holder


Sunday, 11 August 2019

Towler & Staines sell a lot more than just gas!

Towler & Staines the Calor Gas Principal Dealer in Keighley and Bradford sell Calor Gas, Air Products Industrial Gases, Air Liquide Drinks Dispense Gases and Hobbyweld Gases but that is not all! Of course they sell a full range appliances powered by Calor Gas and items needed by the welder. They also offer a huge range of items for the caravanner and motorhome owner.

Under the Camping and Caravanning banner there are 52 accessories; 28 types of outdoor furniture; 9 water containers; 8 electrical items; 14 water treatment and toilet fluid items; 9 water traps and crystals; 39 tableware and drinkware items; 8 caravan outdoor points; 13 kettles; 8 catering items; 12 camping lights and stoves and 2 cool boxes and fridges. Also under the Clever Ideas banner there are another 17 items which appeal to those who enjoy the outdoor life.

Add to this the huge range of Cadac barbecues including all spares and accessories and one can see that Towler & Staines is about a lot more than just gas.  Give them a browse or a call, you may find something you cannot live without!